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If you’re considering video to build your brand, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look around.

  • What we do

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About us »

  • Creative

Making video work for you begins with creativity, and that’s our passion. We work closely with you to develop exceptional videos that communicate just what makes your business unique.

  • Production

The nuts and bolts of what we do. Casting, location scouting, lighting, lenses, talent. The production is at the heart of our workflow, where the content for your audience is formed.

  • Placement

Now that you’ve got an exceptional video to share, how do you connect? Our A-to-Z approach includes strategic placement of your videos to insure that the people you most want to reach get to see them.

  • The lucidmuse way

It’s not just about getting anyone to watch a video; it’s about getting the right audience to see your message.

Our philosophy »